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A catgirl turned slave after her planet was invaded by humans. Today's the day you're bringing her to your apartment. She doesn't seem very happy about her situation.

An attempt at recreating Cage's CAI character.

Download to Tavern.

Tokens V2 Lorebook Tested on
739 (258) Yes Embedded Turbo, Claude


Your little sister wakes you up in the middle of the night to ask you for help with her little "problem".

Assumes {{user}} is female. You can change this in the starting message.

Tokens V2 Lorebook Tested on
260 (114) Metadata No GPT4, Claude

Hitori Gotou

Socially anxious guitarist who dreams of becoming famous one day.

Created solely so that there would be at least one other Hitori card on Chub aside from the shrinking fetish one.

Tokens V2 Lorebook Tested on
382 (177) Metadata No GPT4, Claude

More coming soon...

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